READ ALL OF THIS ITS SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT (And might make you laugh since its very well written full of my usually borderline funny comedic efforts lol) OR ELSE IM MOVING TO JUPITER LOL!!! UPLOAD ISSUES – Hey everyone hope you all are well!! Having major issues with uploading videos atm due to internet issues. Uploads speeds have become worse than the traffic on the 405 lol haha Cali joke even though not really a joke the 405 sucks lol.? Videos are taking hours to upload not minutes!!? The major congestion is a result of everyone over here being put on super strict lockdown right now & being told to not leave their homes whatsoever over the Easter Weekend unless absolutely necessary otherwise face HUUUUUGEEEEE on the spot fines!!!! So its daytime Good Friday here and well yea I’m sure every single family is either streaming every single MARVEL movie right now, using ZOOM to Video call other family being held hostage by that bully CORONA or fighting each other on FORTNITE lol.? Either way, no matter if they are all watching PORNHUB or not it sucks for me that gets my orgasm from uploading videos to all of my awesome family that I LOVE sooooooooooooooooooo much here on YOUTUBE!! I have tried to make this post as fun as I could even though I’m having major withdrawal issues which are a direct result of me not being able to get my OFF TAP FAMILY fix!!! You guys are my drug and well now that I have typed this super ridiculously funny haha comment lets hope it does not also take hours to post lol hahahahahaha ???❤️